How To Make Candles

Learn how to make candles

Learning how to make candles at home is very similar to learning how to bake a cake.  The first couple of times will always be tricky (not to mention messy!) as it’s something new and we tend to over think things.  The process will take a little longer at the start as you measure everything 2 or 3 times, but once you know the basics you will be able to start experimenting which is where the fun begins!


The secret to making candles

The secret to making candles is not only about purchasing great quality materials, but great quality materials that work well together.  When starting out, we’ve always found it’s best to start with small batches so you don’t wast your materials or time.  This is also a good idea when experimenting with different types of candle wax or fragrance for example.  When you know the combination of wax, fragrance and wicks work well together you’ll then feel confident making your full batch of candle.

We want to make sure you enjoy the candle making experience as much as we do so will keep rounding up some tips and tricks for you to try when making your own candles at home.

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