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Hi there,

My name is Alice and I’ve been making candles with my husband for over 10 years now (wow time flies!).

We initially started making candles as a hobby because we enjoyed the ambiance they brought into our home, but found ourselves spending a fortune buying candles all year around. We’ve always been pretty crafty, but the thought of learning how to make candles was initially pretty daunting!

When we started out, we spent a lot of time researching and trialing a lot of different materials and equipment until we found the right ‘recipe’. Whilst there were a lot of batches that didn’t work – it’s what helped us find all the great combinations we have now!

Over time we started making and giving our candles to family and friends for special occasions because they were always commenting on the candles we have around our house when they’re over.  Before we knew it our friends and family were asking if they could buy our candles so they could give them as gifts to their friends and colleagues.  Because there was so much interest, we eventually started making them to sell at local markets which was so much fun as we got to meet so many great people that kept coming back for our homemade candles.  We even had a couple of people ask if we could teach them how to make candles as well!

As word of mouth spread, demand grew and we could not keep up with teaching individuals in person (we just didn’t have a big enough kitchen!) so we started a business where we sold candle making kits and supplies so people could learn how to make candles in their own time and at their own pace.

Candle Advice, learn how to make candles

We’ve now decided to take our knowledge online and create a resource that people can access from the comfort of their own homes.  We love teaching people how to make their own scented candles, and are so glad we have the opportunity to share our knowledge and experience to budding candle makers like yourself. With the right technique, candle making should be enjoyable and fun. We do our best to take away any confusion you may have so that you can enjoy this experience and be rewarded with the results.

Please feel free to enjoy and share the resources we make available to you and we hope you enjoy our candle making site.

Happy candle making!

Alice x

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