8 Unique Candle Making Ideas

Unique Candle Making Ideas

Many of us try to make homemade candles but the fact remains that our brains do not always come up with proper candle making ideas concerning how to and what type of candle to make. Candles are actually of different types and each type of candle requires you to use either different equipment or different optional accessories. For example, unique candle moulds, candle tins or candle jars can produce unique candles. Or, a different type of candle fragrance can result in making very intoxicating fragrant candles. Everything depends on what elements you are using and how you are using. Now let us delve deep into some of the candle making ideas.

Romantic Candles: As the name suggests, romantic candles are candles showing off romance in the candle. This can be done by making candles of heart shape using candle moulds or alternatively you can attach different coloured heart shaped wax sheets onto the body of your pillar candle. All you need are heart shaped punch machine and wax sheets of various colours. Punch from the sheets and melt its body using a hair dryer and attach it to the candle. You are done.

Beeswax Candles: One of the mostly used candle waxes is the beeswax. Beeswax candles are mostly famous for their legibility. These are natural waxes and hence they not produce toxic chemicals. On the other hand, making beeswax candles is super easy that requires no special attention to any particular details. Moreover, beeswax are readily available and can be found in almost all the candle suppliers’ shop.

 Olive Oil Candles: Another natural candle is olive oil candle. Making of olive oil candle requires one or two steps less than the process of making any other candles. Namely, you don’t have to melt the wax. Just hold olive oil in any jar or cup. Now insert one wick and make sure the wick does not fall. You are done.

Fragrant Candles: By adding candle fragrance, you can make fragrant candles. This item is very popular among candle lovers. Hundreds of candle fragrance are available in the market to choose from. Fragrant candles are very popular as gift items too. However, never forget to check the manual when and at what temperature the fragrant should be added.

Ice Candles: Making ice candle is also a fun task. You can make your own ice candle set by making different sized candles. First of all make one candle mould using any candle jar or anything that suits you best. Put one pillar candle in the middle of the jar and put abundant small ice blocks into the jar. Now pour melted wax in the jar. Give it about one hour to cool down. Cut the top part of the pillar candle. Well done, your ice candle is done.

Jelly Bean Candles: When you know the fundamentals of candle making, you can experiment with different ideas and be creative. Jelly bean candles is one of such creative ideas that you can put into your real world to make your own jelly bean candles. For this all you need as an extra piece of equipment is a candle mould, namely an insert mould to insert jelly beans into the holes and then pour melted wax. It is easy to make but looks very fantastic.

Colour Block Candles: Truly speaking, most people may have tried colour candles, but there could be found few people who tried making colour block candles. Colour block candles are made by adding layers of coloured wax. To make this, you need wax, colourful crayons and a jar. Now cut one crayon into pieces and mix it with wax, microwave one minute and then pour it in the jar. Give it 30 minutes to cool down. Repeat the process for three or four times with different coloured crayons.

Water Candle: Have you heard of anything as water candle? You had better try it. All you need are one candle jar, candle wick, round plastic sheet with a hole in the middle of it, water, and lamp oil. You can put colour marble in the jar, if you wish, but that is optional. Insert the wick in the middle of the plastic sheet. Take the jar, pour water into it, pour lamp oil and finally put the plastic sheet on top of lamp oil. Lit the wick. See, how beautiful it looks like.

Try these candle making ideas at your home and have fun.

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