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Over the last few years, candle making has become increasingly popular. And it should be too – the reward you feel when you make your very own candle is immense. There is nothing like the way a candle can make you feel when you enter a room lit with a scented soy candle. In addition to your own use, making a homemade candle and giving to a loved one as a gift can give you a sense of pride and satisfaction. Imagine how they would feel receiving something that was made by you with love and care.

We aim to provide the resources and the tools you need to expand your knowledge of candle making and debunk any myths you might have about making candles from home. From afar, candle making can seem overwhelming or daunting. But it does not have to be that way at all. Whether you are making them on your own or with family and friends, the candle making process should be simple and fun!

At Candle Advice you will learn everything you need to know to not only make your own candles, but to even create your own candle business if that’s what you wish to do. Come with us as we explore the various different types of popular candles available in the market place – some of which you may not have even heard of before!

We provide access to resources to help teach you the basics of candle making. Gain some insight of what is required to make your very own candles. Discover the range of equipment you may need to make your very own candles from home. This does not need to be an expensive process and we guide you to where you can source this equipment for yourself.

We also explore the popular candle types that you can make from home yourself. There are many types of candle wax available to use, so we help take the guess work out of what you will need for each popular candle type. The element of a candle will also be discovered, from the wick, fragrance, colouring techniques, through to moulds, glassware and jars/containers.

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Perhaps you have been making candles for a while and have found your specialized niche. Maybe the next step for you then is to extend your candle making skills to create your very own business? Turning your passion and hobby into a candle making business is a great way to provide you with a second source of income. We provide many tips and guidance on what should be considered for you to start your own business.

Making candles of any type with our valuable resources will help save you time and money, it may even get you trying a few different things you haven’t thought of before, or maybe even help you start your own business!

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