Basic Learning To Make Scented Soy Candles

Learn to Make Scented Soy Candle, Candle Making EquipmentKnowing how to make scented soy candles allows you to craft wedding gifts or gifts for friends. The first thing you need is wax.  Soy wax is all natural and burns clean. It is also fast to melt this type of wax in the microwave as opposed to a double boiler. You can find this type of wax in large containers of candle making supplies, many of them inclusive of useful information such as how many wax chips per wick, etc.

The Tools to make scented soy candles:

You want to start with a chopstick and measure the temperature of the wax with a candle thermometer. Melt it in a heat safe container, one with a pouring spout. A three inch travel tin, or any size tin or container, will suffice to hold your finished product. You need to know the size before you start so that you can cut off the appropriate amount of wax to melt. You can refer to the container on your wax for the appropriate amount. Then you want to weigh the wax on a kitchen scale.

To scent the candle, you can use any scent you want. Eucalyptus is a wonderful scent to use on your first attempt because it is a calm and relaxing scent. It is best to find scented oils for such a project and to measure the number of drops based on the size of your candle. For color, you can select a dye block which you cut with a potato peeler on index cards. Green is a great color to accompany eucalyptus.

The Measurements:

Many people misunderstand the process of measuring the amount of wax you want to melt. You might believe that you need only fill your selected container with wax chips and then melt it, but there is a great deal of air in the wax chips which is what makes it imperative to measure the weight of your selected tin before you measure the coinciding weight of the wax.

You should measure the amount of wax without the weight of the dish or tin, and add a bit extra to cover accidents or spills.

At this point you want to begin adding the wax into your oven safe container until you reach the weight you desire. It is always best to have too much wax compared to having too little. You never want to go through all of the effort only to have a stump of a candle in the end.

The Wick:

Now it is time to prepare the wick. You want to start out by washing and drying your tin after which you should use a pre-waxed wick of a large size. The pre-waxed wick is something you want to use in conjunction with soy wax. Many of these packages will indicate the instructions listed on the back of the wax container. In order to determine the size of the wick you want to measure the diameter of the container in question. It is at this point you want to refer back to the packaging of the soy wax.

The wick will have a tab at the bottom which can be stuck to the bottom of the container in question with a wick keeper which is a foam double stick dot used to hold it in place. You want to peel off one side and stick it to the bottom of your container and then center the wick in the bottom of your container.

The Melting Process:

After this point you want to melt your wax and add the color to make scented soy candles. Pay particular attention to what the instructions on the bottom of your wax package state for the ideal temperature. Ideally the wax will be between 160° and 180°. The way you want to melt wax is to place the container into the microwave for 30 seconds at a time. It will take an average of three minutes but each time you take it out at 30 second intervals so you can test the temperature to see how high it is. You also want to stir it regularly so that all of the pieces are dissolved equally.

This type of wax is almost a white color when it is cool so the color you receive after mixing your wax coloring will not be the exact color produced when the candle is hardened. It will always be a bit more pastel than that. In order for you to gauge the color that you will receive as an end result you can always take out a tiny drop of the still melted wax and place it on an index card. The index card will show you the color you will receive once the wax hardens. After this point you want to add the scent. If you refer to the packaging details once again on the package it will indicate to you the exact temperature that the wax should be prior to adding the scent. In many cases you have to allow the wax to cool down ever so slightly before adding this. But overall, these are the steps you need to know how to make scented soy candles.

Reasons To Make Your Own Homemade Candles

Homemade CandleHomemade candles are beautiful items to decorate and to add fragrance in rooms of your house. Moreover, there are less chances of chemical and toxic outburst, since you make your own candles, deciding which materials to use and which to not.  These are pretty easy to make and quite beautiful to look at when they are lit. And most importantly who doesn’t want to show off the deep seated skills they have. Interestingly, there are plethora of homemade candle ideas that you can possibly use to make your very own candles. Homemade candles are good as a gift item too. You can give your near and dear ones candle gifts.

There are a variety of homemade candles. You can pick the one that suits you best.

Luxury Candles:  If you are looking for luxury candles in any supermarket, it may cost you a lot, as price varies from $20 to as much as $400. You can find these from renowned supermarkets but ideally you can make your own luxury candles. But the fact remains that the process of making luxury candles is almost the same as making of any candles. And the equipment is also the same. What you need as an extra piece of equipment is the unique material that will make it luxurious. Most of the people add fragrance and colour to make luxurious candles. Candle scents can be found in any candle supplier’s shop and you can choose best colour that suits your taste best.

Candles for Less: There are a variety of choices for candles for less budget. You can make your own homemade candles just to lighten the house or to decorate your house. Most of the waxes that are found in the market cost less, and it makes candle making more affordable.

Taper candles: There could be found no candles as elegant and sophisticated as taper candles. These are easy to make and you can, in fact, make taper candles of 6 to 24 inches if you wish. You can use your homemade taper candles just to lighten up your house or these items are good for decorating drawing room, kitchen and your living room.

Beeswax Candles: Beeswax candles are renowned for their long lasting burning time and the golden glow they produce while burning. As beeswax candles take more time to burn itself, it is advised to use thick wicks. However, the procedure of making homemade beeswax candles is the same as making of any homemade candles.

Olive Oil Candle: Olive oil candles are very easy to make. All you need is a jar, olive oil (you can even use expired olive oil to save money) and a wick. Set the wick at the middle of the jar. Tighten the wick with the bottom of the jar with a thick piece of rolled paper or heir clip and tie the top part of the clip with another clip or something that you feel comfortable with. Now pour the olive oil in the jar. Now it is ready to be burnt.

Floating Candles: Floating candles are great items to decorate your living room. It is different and unique.

Candle Scents: Candle scents are widely used items to add extra appeal to homemade candles. There could be found a wide variety of scents in candle suppliers’ shop. They offer a wide range of scents. Seasonal, fruits, foods and drinks, flowers, holidays and events scents are mostly common among candle makers. You can also choose from Amaretto, Amber Vanilla and Coffee etc. Additionally, there are scents that are similar to that of major perfume manufacturer like CK, Polo, and Obsession etc. The price of these scents varies significantly and 16oz of Obsession scent can cost you around $17, for example.

Now it is time to make Candle Gifts. Have you ever thought of gifting your homemade candles to your near and dear ones? It is really an awesome experience to showcase your craft and get live feedback. Truly speaking, homemade candles are beautiful items as a gift. These are very pretty to look at, if these are prepared with care and craft. Prepare your own homemade candles and wrap those with beautiful wrapping paper or with your DIY wrapping cloth and now your candle is ready to send as a gift.